Personal Responsibility Core Objective Assignment

Personal Responsibility Core Objective Assignment
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This is a GOVT 2305 assignment. Please make sure that it isn’t too far above the level of a sophomore. Thank you.

Assignment is as follows:

In today’s economy, how can you explain why sometimes people succeed or fail for reasons that have nothing to do with their personal talents and virtues or lack thereof? Write a one to three page essay addressing the issue.

The departmental assessments are assigned by the government department and must be submitted by ALL students enrolled in government courses. Assignments in this category are worth 20% of your overall grade for this class.
General concepts to keep in mind when writing your essays:

1.Assignments must be typed, double spaced with standard margins. Please use 11 or 12 pt font.

2.Assignments should have well written sentences and should be free of grammatical errors- Use spell-check!

3. Your paper should also be well organized- introduction, body, conclusion

4.Bibliography/Reference Page- list of all the sources you utilized to assist you with the assignment. You are free to use APA or MLA style. All sources should be from peer reviewed material- do not use Wikipedia,, Someone’s personal blog, etc.

5.Assignments must have your first and last name somewhere at the top of the page, can be included as a header.

6.Assignment should be in a format that I can open. If I cannot open your document then I cannot issue a grade. Acceptable formats are doc, docx, pdf

7.Plagiarism is an automatic zero!When using outside sources do not merely cut & paste but make sure to put into your own words! Should you have any questions please see your student handbook and/or class syllabus.

8.I do not accept late work. Assignment will be due on or before due date in Blackboard. Do not e-mail me papers as they will not be graded.

9. Answer the question/response thoroughly. Assignment should demonstrate that you understand the question posed.

10. Read instructions before you begin assessment.


You will be graded on the following:

30%- Organization- Is the paper fluid? Does it provide effective transitioning? How is the formatting?

30%- Mechanics/Grammar- Sentence structure? Misspelled words/spellcheck?

30% – Content/Information- Relevance to the question/comment posed? Does it provide examples? Does the paper provide original thought? Was information cited?

10%- Analysis, Style

For instructions on the mechanics of writing, grammar, or punctuation please utilize the Purdue University writing lab link below they have great information about writing essays.

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