Personal Leadership Profile and Essay

Personal Leadership Profile and Essay

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For this assignment, you are asked to prepare a seven to ten page paper (double-spaced) on your personal philosophy of leadership and change. This is to be a critical self-assessment and leadership development profile related to your sense of yourself as a leader (at home, at school, in your workplace, in your community, etc.). The format is quite broad, but should include these three components at a minimum:

The first part of the essay should include an analysis and discussion of the self-assessments and journals done in class. Based on your individual results, please discuss how you see yourself to be like your results and how you see yourself as different. Overall, do the results of the self-assessments and personal style inventories fit you? Are they what you expected them to be? Are you content with them or do you find yourself wishing you were different in some way? Please make specific reference to at least 5 different inventories and assessments in your discussion.
Next, I would like you to develop your own personal vision and understanding of leadership. To do this, you should identify and discuss the elements, ideas, skills, and/or abilities that you think are essential for successful leadership and then present a cogent argument on behalf of those positions you think will best serve you and others in advancing excellence in leading change.
The third part of your paper should include a set of suggestions about ways in which you might enhance your own personal leadership development and your career.

Drawing from the self-assessments and your discussion posts throughout the semester, you should be thoughtful, thorough, as reflective as possible, and serious in your efforts to understand yourself and how your own preferences and pattern of strengths and weaknesses relate to your potential effectiveness as a leader. Be sure to include an action plan for developing your own leadership capacities (specific and concrete ways in which you might enhance your own personal leadership skills).

The best papers will state and pursue a theme, develop a logical argument with respect to why the particular components of your philosophy are chosen, show creativity in developing new arguments (or analyzing old ones) in behalf of your position, and show a capacity to integrate and utilize the concepts discussed in class and in the readings with your own experience


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