Persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan

Need to make a google slides

Make a google slides presentation on the topic, “Persecution of ahmadis in Pakistan” In this presentation, you will need to cover the details of the current event:

where it is happening
who is involved
how it began
what has been the impact
provide an analysis of the current event
discuss solutions to the issue(s)
Post 3 guiding questions for others to respond to (e.g. discuss the significance of your news event, the issues connected to it, the consequences it may create, possible resolutions or solutions).

Make the presentation as visual as possible so that we’re listening to you, so it should not be text-heavy. Use relevant visuals, maps, graphs, short video clips to help enhance your presentation.

And provide a script as well to further talk about the presentaiton as the google slides will not be text-heavy

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