Periodical Research

  1. Identify an article on some reasonably significant aspect of Marketing from an online source.
  2. Using the following as a guideline, critique the article. Address each of the six parts of the assignment listed below. Your grade will reflect your success in providing answers to these questions. If you want to present your work in a question/answer format that is acceptable.
  3. All attachments must be presented in either a “.doc” or “. docx” file format and must include your name and
    the title of the assignment in the document title. Note: there is no “correct” length for this paper. All you need to
    do is respond appropriately and adequately to the questions.

Part I: Briefly summarize (in several paragraphs…more, if necessary) the main points stressed in the article.
Part II: Explain why you think the article is important in reference to this course.
Part III: Identify the points in the article with which you were most in agreement? Explain why you feel this way.
Part IV: Identify the points in the article with which you were most in disagreement? Explain why you feel this
Part V: List at least three questions that you feel the article left unanswered. At first, it may seem difficult to
think of these, but there are always questions that are unanswered.
Part VI: Discuss three ways in which the article might have a future impact on any aspect of Marketing. Be
Sources could, for example, include,, or These are just suggested
sources. Any source may be used, but the source must be online and the article must involve some reasonably
significant aspect of marketing. You may choose any area of marketing; it is not necessary to cover the area
that is currently being reviewed in class. A more recent article is preferable to one that is not.
Please state the summary in your own words. When you reference the article, please make sure that you
document your sources completely. Plagiarism in any form may result in the assignment of an “F” for each
occurrence, as well as possible expulsion from the class.
In the event that it may prove helpful, here is a sample periodical research paper:
Name of Website: The Wall Street Journal

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