Performance management plan for your fictitious company

Create a performance management plan for your fictitious company for the upcoming merger. The paper must address, in
detail and paragraph form, the following questions.
What performance criteria will be used? Include specific examples.
Who will conduct the appraisal, and will a standard or custom form be used?
How often will appraisals be conducted, and what are good HRM practices that can be used to ensure the appraisal does not become just an annual event?
Part II
In the second part of the assignment, begin by reviewing the Case Study found on page 164 of your textbook titled IHRM in Action Case 6.1. Using this
scenario as a basis, address the following items:

  1. Discuss how Richard should strengthen the relationship with his supervisor, Jean.
  2. Discuss what Richard could have done differently to begin that relationship.
  3. Should Richard contact his supervisor in Toronto? Why, or why not?
    The entire assignment, including both Part I and Part II, should be in a narrative format and not a series of questions and answers. The total length should be
    no less than two pages not counting title or reference pages. You must use a minimum of one source, which can be your textbook. All sources used must
    have citations and references properly formatted in APA style. APA formatting is otherwise not required.
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