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Your Task: Answer the following questions to give background on the podcast
Paper Ghost:
Description: What is the name of the Podcast?
Genre & audience: In detail describe the category for this podcast, the topics covered, and who the intended
audience for the podcast is.
Show frequency and history: provide an overview of the podcast, how long has it been airing and what is the
frequency model of the episodes.
Hosts Biographies: provide an overview of who the host(s) of the show are and discuss their professional and
or technical background.
Topics & episodes: discuss the range of topics and depth of coverage, also discuss the format of the show
itself, what is the average runtime of the shows, does the show follow a reoccurring format or is each show
unique? Discuss how you see this format working with the audience in terms of its strengths and weaknesses.
Revenue model: provide an overview of the show’s financial revenue model. How is the show produced? Does
the show rely on advertising, or patron models? Investigate how the podcast is supported from a financial
aspect and report your findings.
Future outlook: Discuss your thoughts on how you see the continued operation and or success of the podcast
you are following. What future opportunities or challenges lay ahead?
Closing remarks: Provide any closing remarks on the podcast that you feel is relevant to the overall podcast
Your Task: Answer the following questions to give background on the podcast
What is the structure of the podcast?
How does the host start the episode, introduce themselves and the topic, the interviewee, etc?
What is the meat or content of the episode?
How does the host conclude the episode?
What is the relationship between the host and guest?
What asides, digressions, personal information does the host share?
How does the host invite the audience to participate?
What is the host hoping to accomplish through the interview?
What is the tone of the podcast? How about the audio (sound, special effects) aspects?
What could be educational about this podcast?
The Source is the podcast itself

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