organizational development

organizational development

attached is a case study and chapter 19 from (organizational development & change by cummings and worley
can you please define:
the context, key issues , concepts that are used and alternative action plan, selected course of action, action plan.
and integrate the answers of the questions at the end of the case study through out the paper

sesame :1%.The,.Se’arch for the Scope and Purpose of Public Administration
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CASE STUDY1 , I g , _ ‘ r
The following story may shed some further insight into the role of public administration in
modern society. The story, “The Blast in Centralia No. 5: A MineDjsaster No One Stopped,”
is an excellent account of a mine disaster that occurred’three generations ago in Centralia,
Illinois, killing 111 miners. This article is an unusual ‘Ease study in public administration;
not only does the author, John Bartlow Martin, carefully recount the facts of the catastro-
phe, but he also attempts to understand the reasons behind the disaster. In his search for
clues, the writer reveals much about the inner complexities of the administrative framework
of our modern society-a coal company sensitive only topr‘ofit incentives; state regulatory r
agencies inadequately enforcing minesafety legislation; federal officials and mineunions
complacent about a growing problem; and the miners incapable of protecting themselves
against the impending disaster.
This is an example of administrative reality that, for some, will only confirm their suspicions
about the inherent corruption ofmo’dern administrative enterprises. The victims died, they might
I argue, because the mine owners were only interested in profits, not in human lives. But is this
the correct interpretation? Martin does not blame any one individual or even a group of indi-
I viduals but stresses the ineffectiveness of the administrative structure on which all the disaster
r l ” victims were dependent for survival.
After reading this story you will probably be struck by how much modern society depends
en the proper functioning of unseen administrative arrangements-for safeguarding our envi-
v _ ronment; for protecting the purity of our food; for transporting us safely by road, rail, or air; for
sending us our mail; or for negotiating an arms limitations agreement at some distant diplo-
matic conference. All of us, like the miners in Centralia No; 5, rely throughout our lives on the
I immovable juggernaut of impersonal administrative systems. A functioning, Ordered public ad-
ministration, as this story illustrates, is an inescapable necessity for maintaining the requisites
y‘ _ of a civilized modern society.
As you read this selection, keep the following questions in mind: L
V What does this case study tell us are the central problems and issues facing public admin-
istrators in their work? Why is government administration such a complex and difficult task,
according to this study?


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