Organizational Change Paper

Organizational Change Paper

•    Students are to select a New Hampshire based Company in which to study organizational change.  NOTE:  SEE LIST OF NH COMPANIES IN COURSE DOCUMENTS
•    Select one change model that relates to the Company.  Students will be expected to read about the various models in order to select the most appropriate one.

a.    Life-Cycle Theory
b.    Teleological Theory
c.    Dialectical Theory
d.    Evolutionary Theory
e.    Lewin’s Three Steps
f.    Nadler & Tushman’s Congruence Model
g.    Burke & Litwin Causal Model
h.    Kotter’s Eight-Stage Process for Successful Organizational Transformation.
i.    Weisbard Six Box Organizational Model

Refrain from using direct quotes of others and always use your own words to describe others’ ideas and give credit to the authors for their ideas by citing them in the

text of the paper; all ideas must be cited and all citations must be referenced on the reference page.  Do not extensively copy an author’s material verbatim or with

minor changes; this technically cut-and-paste plagiarism and is profoundly unacceptable.

Submit the Opinion Paper in Turnitin which automatically checks for plagiarism.  Papers must be submitted by the scheduled due date.  Late papers will not be accepted.

Papers submitted in class but not submitted to Turnitin will NOT be graded until student has submitted to Turnitin.

?    INTRODUCTION (Provide background information on Company)

?    CAUSES AND/OR CONSEQUENCES FOR CHANGE IN THE COMPANY (what are the causes of the problem and what are the negative consequences for individuals, communities,

businesses, economies, and environments)

?    WHAT NEEDS TO BE CHANGED IN THE COMPANY(clearly state in what you think needs to be changed)

?    WHY ARE THE CHANGES NECESSARY IN THE COMPANY (clearly state why the changes are needed and explain the rational for the changes)

?    HOW CAN THINGS BE CHANGED IN THE COMPANY(clearly state what how changes will be made and what the best practices are)

?    WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF THE CHANGE(S) IN THE COMPANY (clearly explain how the company, employees, customers, shareholders, business partners and community

will benefit from the change(s).


**Students are to answer the following questions in CLOSING COMMENTS.
•    What good can come from change?  Provide 3 examples with supportive information from readings, lectures, and research.
•    What key challenges do employees, management and leaders face with organizational change?  Provide specific examples and supportive information from readings,

lectures, and research.
•    What are 3 lessons you have learned about change, about yourself and about others?
•    What 3 things did you learn about Managing Change that you can use in your personal life and at your work?
•    How does your new knowledge about change influence how you will manage change?

GRADING FOR PAPER:  See Grading Rubric in Course Documents
The grade on the paper will be based on the following evaluations:
?    The intellectual depth and quality of the research and ideas presented in the paper.
?    The degree to which the paper is clearly focused and understandable (readability)
?    The quality of the writing (grammar, editing, and organization of ideas)
?    The degree to which the instructions regarding the paper are followed
o    Length and style of paper
o    Use of the appropriate number and types of references
o    Use of required format and topic headings
o    Use of APA citation format for references and citations
o    Use of own words; no direct quotes

Organizational Change Paper:
•    The paper will be minimum 6 pages of substantial content.
•    Arial 12 point font.
•    Cover page (School name, Course Number/Name, Title of Paper, Your name, Instructor Name, Date) Use Arial, 14-point font. Centered on page and bold
•    Use proper APA citation format in the body of the paper
•    Reference page (APA citation format)
•    Number your pages.


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