Operation & Project Management

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    This task requires you to prepare a Report with the guidelines provided.
    You are acting as the operations and quality consultant for a chosen organization (preferably where the learner
    is currently working or any other organization of your choice). You have been asked by the board of directors to
    prepare a report to review the operations and quality management processes in the organisation. You are
    required to look at the existing supply chain networks, operations management and quality management
    processes, procedures and systems within the organization, and, evaluate the competitiveness of the
    organization in achieving key strategic objectives. It is also imperative to evaluate the information
    management/ systems in the organisation in relation to such operations management processes.
    You should make use of relevant academic literature, theories, current issues, principles and concepts in
    Operations and Quality Management. Although the report should be centered around one main case
    organization, students are encouraged to compare various outcomes and scenarios with other organizations
    within similar or dissimilar sectors. You MUST follow the Report format, which should include an Executive
    Summary and contain the following sections.:

  1. You should provide a brief Introduction to the chosen organisation and highlight the operations management
    challenges that the organisation currently faces. You should then critically discuss the application of operations
    principles and their impact on the organization’s success. The quality management framework of the
    organization must be highlighted, describing its role in ensuring that the organization meets its strategic goals.
    [20 marks]
  2. Within the chosen organization, the impact of productivity and workflow on the organization’s
    competitiveness, must be discussed. You must also conduct a critical evaluation of the way in which key
    operations strategies of the organization contribute to the business strategies of the enterprise. With supply
    chains playing a key role in many operations, you must, through research, describe how a Supply Chain
    Network design was developed to align with (or to contribute to) the overall business strategy. Examples must
    also be discussed where the organization would have implemented the necessary performance indicators to
    ensure that monitoring, control, and continuous improvement within its operations become a standard best
    practice. [25 marks]
  3. Critically discuss the role of management information systems in assisting management towards achieving
    their strategic goal and operations success within the chosen organization. You should then conduct a critical
    evaluation of the role of ICT applications in supporting as well as enhancing operations management, again
    within the chosen enterprise. Finally, you must proceed to analyse several requirements, appropriate methods
    and technologies such as AI that could help in the optimisation of the operations within the organisation. [20

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