obesity in children

obesity in children
Obesity in Children change project. Reducing obesity in children…

Page 1 complete the following:
• discuss the influence of leadership on the translation of evidence into practice. Provide specific insights gained from theory as well as from changes currently underway or recently achieved in your practicum setting.
• Propose an evidence-based change for your practicum setting. Be sure to justify the need for this change using data.
• Explain how you might apply theory as well as observations gathered from your practicum site to planning for and implementing the proposed change.
• How are you developing your leadership skills in your practicum setting? Which aptitudes or experiences do you think are most important to your role as a leader in facilitating the translation of evidence into practice?
Page 2 complete the following:
• Based on the specifics evidence from the literature, what strategies would you employ to communicate with and educate various stakeholders? How would you engage the support of those with power and authority? Explain how this would facilitate the successful implementation of your proposed evidence-based change.
• What are potential challenges for knowledge integration? How might you address those challenges?
Page 3 complete the following:
• what are the benefits and limitations of using a health information system? How might this impact planning for and implementing your proposed change?
• Describe three potential resource considerations that could facilitate or inhibit your proposed change and explain your rationale.
Page 4 complete the following:
• Look at outcomes established for at least one evidence-based change currently underway or previously accomplished within your practicum setting. What lessons can be learned to support the development of outcomes for your proposed change?
• Describe two or three outcomes for your proposed change. For each outcome, describe the evaluation criterion/criteria that is/are measurable.
• Explain how these outcomes relate to multiple sets of standards, as well as differing groups’ needs and priorities. Why is intra- and interdisciplinary collaboration important as you design these outcomes?
• How do the measurable outcomes for your proposed change establish accountability for you as a leader?
Page 5 complete the following:
• What are some possible adjustments that you might need to make based on the evaluation of outcomes?
• Consider the evidence-based change you are proposing for your practicum setting: What other systems or components of a system are within the sphere of influence of this change? How could evolving issues internal to the setting, such as budget, staffing shortage, regulations or external to it, such as supply, funding, national priorities, and disasters, affect the implementation—and ultimately the sustainability—of such a change?
• How might your proposed change, in turn, affect policy or practice at other levels beyond your initial focus?
• Describe at least three evolving issues that are internal or external to your practicum setting that could affect the implementation and sustainability of your proposed change. From what systems level do those issues originate (e.g., organizational, local, state, national, global) and what other systems are then involved in response to that factor?
• How might your proposed change, in turn, lead to shifts at other levels beyond your initial focus?

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