NYC neighborhood

Research: Look up the county health department and see if you can learn anything more about health outcome
differences between the two neighborhoods. See if there are any academic articles on your city that talk about
geospatial differences, particularly health differences but any would be relevant. Find out what the
demographics of the neighborhoods are based on the last Census.
Define your neighborhoods: Be specific in describing which neighborhoods you have chosen and why. What
are the geographic barriers (i.e., street names that define a specific neighborhood – this may be a few blocks
or an entire town, depending on how you understand and conceptualize neighborhoods. If you are really stuck
go back to your notes when we talked about how neighborhoods and cities are defined.) [at least one
Then write a paragraph on each neighborhood – use your notes. What is in the neighborhood,
describe it. Are there more health food stores or is it a food desert/swamp? Are there virtually no signs or
sidewalks? Are there lots of community services? [one paragraph per neighborhood.

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