new product (energy drink called Forza)

new product (energy drink called Forza)

200 words talking about the brand value , USP (unique selling point ) about this new product which is an energy drink power we call it FORZA and it is for all the people and specially for sport people it we want it to compete with other energy drinks. this is a group essay and my part will be brand value and USP.
this is the tutor information:
There are TWO elements to your product initiative group project:

Firstly, your Group will need to prepare an 800 to 1000 word outline proposal, with exact details of your team members, showing what it is you intend focusing on, its target market/s, and provide some justification for its commercialisation. In other words, make a business case for what you intend doing. This proposal will need to be submitted to your respective tutor in your seminar of the Week Beginning 23th February, and AGREED with them before you proceed with the marketing plan.
The proposal must be made in writing and can be discussed informally with your tutor in a nominated seminar. Your tutor will provide feedback and either accept your proposal, or request further clarification of certain points. Everyone in the group needs to contribute and be involved in this process. The proposal is NOT marked. However, in certain cases, you may be asked to resubmit a revised proposal if it is felt that the original idea could be substantially improved, or needs modification to enable the Group to produce a satisfactory Marketing Plan.

Please ensure the product concept is clearly stated:

1) Rationale for your choice of product / brand

You must justify your choice of product or service by making a Business Case for your new and innovative brand, illustrating its potential, identifying its target market/s and giving some feel for its likely demand. Will the brand sell, and if so, who will want to buy it? Is it a viable commercial proposition; is there a gap in the market; and what will differentiate your brand from the pack? Seldom are things unique, but it certainly helps to identify the USPs and develop a brand that not only appeals to a target market, meets its needs and expectations, but also conveys values that will encourage consumers to experience the product and empathise with it.

For instance, if you decide to look at something Green, consumers love to ‘do their bit’, and they now actually expect products to contribute something to corporate social responsibilities and the environment. Either they are made from recycled materials or can be recycled at the end of their useful life – either way greater awareness of the impact on green issues counts considerably more.


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