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The topic is:
*The company is NCAA
Is it ethical that private parties give monetary endorsements to athletes? Is it actually a problem that athletes are taking money and materialistic things? Should there be a ban on that?

*Each group will select a company that has faced an ethical and legal dilemma within the last five year. You have been hired as lead consultant in the immediate aftermath of the dilemma. You will prepare a report to the newly elected board of directors addressing the following issues:

-Description what happened at the company:
Was it an ethical breach? Consider a handful of ethical duties and economic outcomes,
Was there a legal breach? Briefly describe the extent of legal liability. Does the law represent society here?
Are there stakeholder concerns beyond the interests of shareholders? Why? (Keep in mind your audience)

-Industry Overview:
What are the pressures within the industry?
What is the regulatory environment?
What is the likely regulatory response?

-How should the company change moving forward:
Compliance concerns?
Culture concerns?
What to do?

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