My role specialization is Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP).

My role specialization is Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP).
Instruction: Please keep in mind that this paper has multiple sections. The first section has already been completed and now your responsibility is only to do the second section. The first section is already completed and I have uploaded as an attachment for you so that your section easily, and smoothly follows after it. The second section’s instruction is colored in blue for you. It is a literature review for my health promotion topic that I discussed in section one. Therefore, find two to three peer reviewed articles that explain and highlights the health promotion problem that I selected in section one which is (Addressing Obesity among adult population in San Jose, CA). Please use the blue color instruction provided below for your section 2.
1. (Section one), Identification of a specific health promotion topic, along with a well-defined target population. This 1st section was already completed and contained 3 pages which covered Identifying a specific health promotion topic. I chose (Addressing Obesity among adult population in San Jose, CA). I have also attached the first section of the paper so the second section of your writing not only easily follows but supports it as well.

Your responsibility is to complete the second section bellow that is marked with section two.

2. (Section two), You are only required to do this second section which covers Health Promotion Literature Review
Assignment: Course Project: Health Promotion Literature Review
Critically analyze the current literature related to the above topic.
Complete a comprehensive review of the literature on your topic. The goal of the review of the literature is to better understand the components of the health promotion problem identified. Begin with the selection and development of a theoretical framework for the project. Based upon this framework, you can select literature and data from a variety of resources to help explain the phenomena and to help identify potential interventions for the problem. Find peer-reviewed publications to provide information about various aspects of the proposed project. Synthesize this information and utilize a conceptual framework to help integrate all aspects of the plan into a workable project. Utilize the feedback from your facilitator to improve each week’s work.

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