my personality: Arab,From UAE,Male, university Student , straight ,Muslim ,able bodied

my personality: Arab,From UAE,Male, university Student , straight ,Muslim ,able bodied

Explore some aspect of your cultural diversity this may include but is not limited to: race, ethnicity, gender, SES, sexuality, education, religion, able bodied, disabilities, etc. Any of the topics covered in class are acceptable. In your exploration I want you to understand your personal uniqueness, perhaps how you became who you are today. I also want you to examine your privilege or lack there of if applicable.

The paper should be no less than 5 pages but no more than 6. It is not necessary to do research for this paper unless you need to research your background. If you do use outside sources make sure they are credible and document in APA style.

Rough idea of the Rubic

__ Intro Paragraph (15 total points)

____ Introduces topic clearly and concisely (5 points)

____ Outlines paper effectively (10 points)

____ Body (50 points)

____ Provided an in depth look at yourself exploring at least one or more aspect of your diversity. (25 points)

____ Examine your privilege or lack of privilege or look at heritage. (15 points)

____ Give examples to make your points make the paper personal (10 points)

____ Conclusion Paragraph (15 total points)

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