Music, Movement, or Creative Art Lesson Plan

Music, Movement, or Creative Art Lesson Plan
“Lesson Plan Template” that I have attached as a resource and include the following:
1. Clear, measurable learning objectives that align to early learning standards (ELS) as well as your state’s subject standards;
2. Anticipatory set;
3. Vocabulary;
4. Reasoning and problem-solving;
5. Relevant materials and resources including visual or audio resources;
6. Differentiation of instruction to address the diverse needs of students. Name the differentiation strategies used to achieve individual learning outcomes; and
7. Assessments.
Implement the lesson plan and obtain feedback from the classroom teacher.
Write a 500-750 word reflection based on the feedback you received from your classroom teacher and personal observations about the experience, explain the following:
1. Strengths and opportunities for growth. Provide specific evidence from your activity.
2. In your lesson, how did you meet the needs of students with different learning styles? What were the students’ responses?
3. What opportunities did you give students to learn, practice, and master content? What is the proof that students learned the content?
4. What changes will you implement in your next lesson? Be sure to provide sp

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