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Art and Music and have been historically, stylistically and culturally connected for centuries. In this assignment you will compare opera examples with art. With each couple (art and music example) you will need to comment on the style and sound of the music (consider voices &/or instruments, harmony, rhythm, melody, texture) in relation to how the art compliments these elements through artistic depth, colors, balance, action, emotion. Try to do each pair in around 100 words each. Be concise in your answer and don’t stray into information that does not speak directly to the question.

How do the art/music examples [both pairs] connect with one another both aesthetically, stylistically and technically based upon their period?
How has both opera and art evolved from the Baroque to the height of Romanticism?

Monteverdi “L’Orfeo — Tu se’ morta” (1607) (CD I, #9) with Orpheus in the Underworld [1594] by Jan Brueghel, the Elder (1568-1625) (Landscapes, Flemish); and
Puccini “La Boheme” (CD 3, #1) with The Kiss [1859] by Franceso Hayez (1791-1882) (Italian, Romantic).

Look for the art on the website by going to the Artists tab, last name alphabet letter, go to artist, then scroll down through paintings to the correct title.

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