Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis

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1. Disabling condition, (Multiple Sclerosis), presenting symptoms and strategies for management of symptoms. You may want to include specific approaches currently being used including suggested medications.

2. Care giving implications for the disabling condition (what
caregivers need to know to provide appropriate day-to-day care). Are there specific behavior management problems that need to be considered?

3. Potential impact of the disabling condition on family
relationships. You may want to speculate here about psychosocial
development issues, both for the ill/disabled individual, for the primary
family caregiver(s), and for other members of the family system. How might the disabling condition be different for various groups of people (e.g.various cultural and/or religious groups, age groups, etc.)

4. Available community supports to enhance care giving and management of the condition in Idaho.

5. Involvement of the social work profession in this area (Boise Idaho). This should be addressed both from the perspective of what we as social workers are allowed to be involved in when providing services and what else we think we should be allowed to provide that we are not currently doing or permitted to do by either agency/hospital guidelines and/or job expectations.

6. Legal and ethical dilemmas most likely needing to be addressed.

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