MSc Project Proposal Template – Comments

MSc Project Proposal Template – Comments
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This comments from the Supervisor of the dissertation :
I have now read through your proposal and have attached a copy with various comments. The topic of outsourcing is very interesting and has a lot of potentials. However, reading through your proposal I felt that the topic is not well defined, it feels vague and broad. Keep in mind that you have a limited amount of time to complete your dissertation, so you will need to identify a topic that is narrow enough to be studied in the remaining time. One piece of advise is to think what type of data you plan to collect, if you have access to any companies, or if not how feasible it is to gain access.
Please read through my comments in the attached file. They seem a lot, but don’t panic. The logic behind the comments is to trigger you to think how to address them in a constructive way. As you will see some of them are just asking you to explain a bit more what you plan to do. So have a look an think about them, also think how to make your topic more specific. It is crucial that you will have a well defined topic, and clearly defines aims and objectives, as these will be your guidelines throughout this process.

**** please you should edit give answer for each comment which you will find it in the word file has attached with this order and color it in red just to identify mine from yours ..

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