Movie Verdict

Movie Verdict

use expect the book of Making Movie from Sidney Lumet

Instructions: Read the textbook Making Movies by Sidney Lumet. Watch one of the
following Sidney Lumet films listed here: The Pawnbroker, Serpico, or The Verdict.( I personal prefer The Verdict.)
Write a brief essay using at least 2-3 insights, observations and/or points from the textbook
and apply them to the movie you have chosen.
We’re not looking for direct correlations from the book to the movie (in which the author
speaks directly to a specific point about a specific movie) but, rather, your creative
thoughts on how some of the experiences of filmmaking in the book may have been
practiced in the making of the film. Instead of facts, we’re looking for your analysis and
opinions.( To be clarified, in his book, Lumet may specifically discuss about the movie Verdict, but you
cannot use those information  on your essay. However, Lumet discusses about the camera angles and  other aspects of the film making process. You can write about how he applies those technique in his movie Verdict.)
The homework is to be 2 pages, typed and double spaced with standard one inch margins
using 12 pt Times New Roman font only.
Enforced guidelines:
–You are required to notate the pages in the book from which you’re referring to in a
simple parenthetical in the text.
–You are required to notate the time in the movie of the scenes you refer to (i.e. 20:00 or
20 mins, etc.).
–Do not write extensively about the plot of the film. The purpose of the paper is not to
describe the story in the film, but to demonstrate your understanding of the book and to
share your ideas on how the process and experiences of the author may relate to your
chosen film. Excessive plot description will result in the lowering of your score.
–This is not a research paper. Material about the film you may fmd in other books or on
the internet may be interesting but will ultimately be inappropriate for the purposes of this
assignment and will lower your score.
Grading will be based on the following:
–Your ability to clearly demonstrate an understanding of the ideas in the book and how
they relate to your chosen film from the list.
–Your ability to express thoughtful and insightful ideas as they pertain to the assignment.
–Cogency of examples given.
–Clarity of writing style and correct English usage.


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