motet and art

motet and art
This week you will stylistically compare the Renaissance Motet with a similar religious painting.
Each of these examples are by the most notable artists of their day who were both contemporaries of each other: Josquin des Prez and Leonardo da Vinci.

In this comparison you again will want to consider the subject, but more importantly what major advancements have been made in both art and musical sound in the Renaissance?
How do the structures and presentations of these two examples compare and compliment each other?
Consider the musical sounds of melody, rhythm, harmony, tonality, voices with the artistic aspects of depth, color, composition, etc.

Josquin des Prez [1450-5121] “Ave Maria” on CD 1, #6
Leonardo da Vinci [1452-1519] “Annunciation” [1472-1475]; found in Early Renaissance Italian (see paintings to 1480) on our art website:

Your opinion is valuable. Please expand on what you read in the lesson and other sources.

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