Moral Management

Moral Management

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The chapter assignments provide a scenario which encompasses an ethical question in a practical workplace setting. At the end of the reading, several questions are posed. Please answer the questions as your response. The duration of the response should be no longer than 2 pages.

Practicum 1.2. Moral Management?
Assume that you are the top elected official of a county constitutional office,
such as the clerk or property appraiser. As part of your campaign to get elected,
you promise that you will demand that employees of the organization not
behave in a manner that jeopardizes the credibility and integrity of the office.
A week after you take office you learn that several employees who are married
but not to each other are engaging in intimate behavior that offends your
sense of morality and is causing disruption in the agency.
The agency’s written policy is quite clear. It states:
Agency personnel, whether married or single, shall not develop an association
with another member whom they know or should have known is
married to another person. Married members also shall not develop an association
with agency members who are single. Excluded from this are
members who are separated and residing apart from their spouse, or those
who have legally filed for divorce. For the purpose of this policy, “association”
means residing with, dating, or entering into any intimate relationship
1. What do you do? Do you turn your head and hope the situation
disappears? Is this solution in the best interest of the organization?
2. Are you obligated to enforce the agency’s written policy?
3. Do you call the employees to your office and have a conversation
about adultery?
4. Do you consider revising the agency’s written standard of conduct?
5. What changes would you make in the existing policy?

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