Module: Research Methods

Module: Research Methods

The objective of the assignment is to assess the students’ ability to design in totality
a research project. The assignment represents 20% of the overall assessment marks
for this subject module.
The assignment – a management report:
Describe the structure of a research project to address the issue described in the
scenario below.
The Government introduced Statutory instrument 47 of 2ol5 (Sl47) on 9‘h February
2ol5, placing restrictions on borrowing limits for mortgage applicants. The
publication is attached for your convenience. it was previously known as
Consultation Paper 87 (CP87). The legislation has now been in force for almost a
year and has been subject to much comment from political parties, banks, property
firms, media outlets, advocacy groups and others. A review is planned in June 20 l 6.
Design a research project to identify the future effects over the next five years (20! 6
2020) of this policy on property prices in either Dublin or Leitrim.
Your project should be completed by mid-2ol6 to inform the review and advise the
Government on whether or not policy amendments are needed.
Assignment instructions:
The assignment should address in some detaikm made mam arising in

relation to: \_ \r
m i . _ j -, . r -. a
gid‘ézResearch definition £1;le mgb‘eclxach S’K’U‘x $””X’\\ . Lang, i. C‘, Mamet \ 7 Fist-7,1
6‘34 Research strategy T
0 Research design and methodology
0 Sampling methods (if any)
0 Research instruments used
0 Data analysis techniques proposed
o Estimated timeline and budget for the research.
The assignment should explain briefly not only why a particular approach was used at
each stage of the research process, but also why other options were excluded. It
must be possible to complete the proposed research in the given time limit.
The assignment should be word-processed and presented in a proper professional
report format, with proper referencing (Harvard style) where appropriate. The total
word count should not exceed 2500 words.

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