Module 6: Consumer Protection

Module 6: Consumer Protection

Deceptive Advertising

Find an advertisement with an endorsement or product testimonial (either online, or in a newspaper or magazine) that could potentially be considered deceptive under the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Act (specifically under the FTC Endorsement Guides).
a. Which specific Section or Sections of the FTC Endorsement Guides is the advertisement potentially violating and why? (Note that the FTC Endorsement Guides document is available in the Module 6 Content & Lectures folder).
b. What arguments or facts could the advertiser offer to show that the advertisement is not deceptive, but rather, compliant with the FTC Endorsement Guides?
c. If the ad is found to be deceptive: (i) how might the FTC enforce the law against this advertiser? AND (ii) what penalties might the FTC impose on the advertiser?
YouTube Video – FTC Endorsement Guides :

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