“modernity” and why it’s challenging

Read Balswick, Fifth Edition, Part 7 (Post Modern Life, chapters 18-19) and answer the following questions.

  1. What is “modernity” and why is it challenging? What is the meaning of “post-modern?” Pages 318-319
  2. Define and summarize the four dimensions of sociocultural life. Pages 320-323
  3. Explain the dilemma and false hopes associated with fragmentation of consciousness. Pages 324-325
  4. Discuss whether and how a family might escape the bondage of commodities. Pages 328-330, 333-335
  5. Explain the possible reconstruction of community in relationship to family life. Pages 335-336
  6. Explain the importance of revitalized communication and consciousness? Pages 336-338
  7. What support structures are helpful to ensure solid family life? Describe and discuss. Pages 338-342.
  8. Traditionally, most churches have taken a very hard stand on the subject of divorce and remarriage, even forbidding remarriage and denying membership to people with “tainted” marital backgrounds. Discuss how churches as communities should respond to divorce, both among their members and those seeking membership.

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