“moderate” example of moral evil

think of an example of a “moderate” example of moral evil and a “moderate” example (not something trivial, but not something horrific) of natural evil (the videos from June 13 will explain what moral and natural evil are). I would be careful not to choose an example that you know might be traumatic for your interviewee to discuss. For example, if you know that someone in your dialogue partner’s family has died of breast cancer, do not use breast cancer as your example of natural evil.
● Ask your partner to imagine that this moral evil happened to them. How would they explain it? Why do they think it happened? What was God’s (or the gods’) role? Did God/the gods cause it? Allow it? For what reason or purpose?
● Now, using your example of natural evil, ask your partner the same questions.
● Finally, ask your partner how they came to these beliefs about suffering/evil. Did your parents believe this way? Did you learn these explanations from religious leaders? Is this based on your own experience in the world or your own thought process?

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