Mitosis Cell

The goal/problem statement would have to do with how accurately I can identify 20 cells in their mitosis stages
(Interphase, Prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase, cytokinesis. The Variables were provided during
class, here is.
Independent variable: Student
Dependent variable: phases
Control: labeled image
Constant: onion root tip cells
The mitosis pdf attached has a list of slides. I can pick any slide and start labeling the phases I can identify (I
need 20 total). The phases will be input into the data section along with the “cell virtual lab” word document.
The word document also has the data analysis section where I will input the phases identified.
Results should talk about the data analysis with.
Conclusion is 3 paragraphs but some of the things like % error they can’t do so it will be short. The formatting
can be found in writing in science.

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