Microsoft Access

Using Microsoft Access, you will create a NEW database, including creating tables, queries, forms, reports, and advanced formatting tools.

Some sample Access ideas include (1) inventory of technology at work, (2) inventory of your home/possessions for insurance purposes, (3) a list of all contact information you have on others.

For this project I would like to do the second one for the inventory of home/possessions for insurance purposes, some of the items are televisions (1 55′ in 4K tv and a 32′ tv), furniture (beds, couches, love seat, dresser), video game systems (playstation 4, xbox one, playstation 5), gaming computer, vr system set up (HTC Vive), kitchen appliances, clothes, shoes, car. Just to throw some examples in there.


The project MUST include the following:

  1. Three tables that are linked (a minimum of 10 records per table).
  2. Two types of queries.
  3. Two types of forms.
  4. Two types of reports.
  5. Advanced formatting tools.

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