MGF1010 Introduction to Management

MGF1010 Introduction to Management

Assignment 1 – ESSAY
Critically discuss the following statement:
“Scientific Management is only useful as a framework to understand how people and organisations can be managed in the manufacturing sector.”
This assessment is designed to test your achievement of Learning Objectives 1 and 5. This is an individual assignment.
Word Limit: 1200 words (+/- 10 per cent)
Marks Available: Worth 20% of the overall marks allocated for the unit.
The essay will be assessed and marked based on five sections with the marks broken down as follows:
• Introduction: 10%
• Body: 60%
• Conclusion: 10%
• Presentation: 10%
• Referencing: 10%
The Marking and Feedback Sheet for the essay will be available on Moodle and will be marked with a grade only.
It is important that you show evidence of research into the topic by referring to sources which you have found using the Library’s research resources such as Business

Source Complete and Factiva. It is expected that your essay utilises a range of quality sources as the basis for your analysis. These sources should be an appropriate

mixture of textbooks, academic journal articles, articles from business magazines and reputable newspaper articles. You should use a minimum of 5-7 academic references

in addition to the textbook.
• Step 1: Read the relevant chapters of the textbook where a ‘basic’ overview of the
concepts can be found.
• Step 2: Carry out your own research. You need to find articles and relevant readings that will provide you with more detailed information in relation to the topic.

As a general guide you should aim to find at least 5-7 different quality sources to base your research on. Ensure the material is valuable for an academic essay. It

would be highly advisable to have a mixture of sources, such as one or two textbooks, two or three articles from refereed academic journals and perhaps a couple of

articles from general newspapers or business magazines that are regarded as being of a high standard. Higher marks would be awarded for those students who utilise

relevant academic journal articles to build and support arguments presented within the essay.
• Step 3: Make notes about what you think is relevant theory about the topic.
• Step 4: Draw up a plan and write a draft of your response to the topic. This assignment is designed to enable students to demonstrate their ability to construct an

in-depth discussion of a management topic, using the large range of literature which is available. That is, in order obtain a high mark, students must demonstrate

evidence of critical analysis. Those students who merely provide a descriptive analysis would be marked down.
• Step 5: Check the notes on essay writing below and the advice in the Q Manual to
ensure that you have met the requirements of writing and formatting an academic essay.
• Step 6: Listen closely to what your tutor has to say and follow their advice.
• Step 7: Submit your essay on time. See the unit guide for further details on submission
Academic writing involves skills in researching written information, analysis, synthesis and scholarly argument. The following ideas may also help:
• Identify the purpose of the essay. Carefully read the question and consider the key words (see Q-Manual for explanations of key words such as analyse, evaluate).
• Prepare for the essay by doing a search of the literature. Read the general material on the topic given in the text and the list of readings then consult other

references. Most management topics present a range of views and there is no one correct idea on a topic. Journal articles, particularly, may present a different idea,

or may be critical of established ideas on a topic and often will present the findings from a research project. Before you begin the essay you need to have a clear

view of what you know on the topic as a result of your research.
• Plan and organise your essay. Every essay must contain an introduction, main body and a conclusion. Each paragraph in the body should contain a major point and be

linked to other paragraphs. See the Q-Manual.
• Ensure you answer the question. Use a clear, simple direct writing style, but it must be formal language avoiding personal pronouns (I, we) and be gender neutral.
• Edit your work. Make sure you have answered the question, the paragraphs flow, you have acknowledged the source of all information, and that that spelling, grammar

and punctuation is correct. Ensure all sentences are complete, make sense and connect to the rest of the paragraph. Have someone else proofread it for you.
• Use the Q-Manual to ensure you reference correctly using the APA system. Ensure you have a reference list at the end containing all references you have used in your

essay (and no others) listed in alphabetical order according to authors’ surnames following the APA system.
• Does the essay fulfil the requirements of the assessment task?
• Does the introduction include a clear statement of the essay’s purpose and structure?
• Is the essay structured to show a clear line of reasoning?
• Are arguments developed in the body of the essay based on appropriate references?
• Does the essay show evidence that information in the references was understood?
• Are the arguments and evidence presented to support that, summarised in the essay’s conclusion?
• Is the essay presented in a clear, concise and unambiguous manner?
• Have appropriate references been used in the essay?
• Is the required number of references used for the essay?
• Are all the references, which were used for the essay, cited using the APA system?
• Are all the references, which were used and cited in the essay, listed in the Reference List?
• Is the essay within the required word limit (+/-10% variation is acceptable)?


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