Mental Health Presentaion

Understanding stress and coping is helpful both personally and in the workplace, whether it involves balancing work and family responsibilities, or providing education on the topic in the workplace to reduce use of sick time or improve turnover rates. In this assignment, you will create a video presentation about stress awareness and strategies for coping with stress.


  1. Review this unit’s required readings in Chapter 12.
  2. Develop a PowerPoint presentation of 8 to 10 slides on the topic of stress awareness and coping strategies that would be appropriate for sharing with coworkers in a professional environment.
  3. Include the context of the work situation, such as military, production line, service industry, educational setting, etc., and some of the primary stressors that workers experience.
  4. Use strategies from the text and one other outside source to help coworkers identify, address and/or prevent stress and promote coping. (Follow APA style for citations; list the sources used on that slide at the bottom of the slide under “References.” )

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