Megacities Asia Untitled 2016 by Aaditi Joshi.

Megacities Asia Untitled 2016 by Aaditi Joshi.
ESSAY QUESTION: visit a local exhibition at a museum (MFA Megacities Asia) and develop a review that addresses the curatorial theme of the exhibition. In your review you should be able to provide some description of a artwork (Untitled 2016 by Aaditi Joshi) making the piece and its surroundings comprehensible to someone who has not seen the show in person. Is it representative of certain strains of conceptualism? How does the work address its audience? How does the work in the exhibition communicate with the viewers or claim to?

Paper must:

1) It must start with a relevant sentence. Relevant information, and straightforward. Avoid generalization completely.
2) When talking about an artist or an art style, do not generalize. Give specific examples.
3) PLEASE AVOID GENERALIZATION AT ALL COST. Be as specific as you can when talking about something. Concentrate mainly on the specific piece I am writing about.

I will upload my specific outline as a word document please follow instructions, and quote from the exhibition’s catalogue which I’m sending scanned pages and you can also quote from the curators, and the curatorial videos found on the Megacities Asia exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. (

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