Medical Paternalism

In his argument against medical paternalism, Alan Goldman claims that we cannot assume that the patient values health and/or prolonged life above
all else. In Goldman’s terms, we cannot assume “that health or prolonged life must take absolute priority in the patient’s value orderings.” (p. 124) Explain
what Goldman means, how he supports this claim, and how it functions in his refutation of medical paternalism. Then give your evaluation of Goldman’s
claim. Is he right or wrong that we cannot assume health and/or prolonged life to be top priorities? What are your reasons for thinking so?
The following general points apply:
Your essay should logically support your conclusion.
Your essay should take into account possible objections or alternative points of view.
Your essay should demonstrate knowledge of the relevant arguments and points of view from our course readings.
The grade will take into account the rational coherence of your argument, the clarity with which you express the argument, and the level of understanding you
show with regard to your top

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