Media Campaign, writing articles from selected press material

Media Campaign, writing articles from selected press material

Rationale for Module
The service sector, like all commercial outlets, must understand how the media industry works. If they wish to gain media coverage for their events and organisations, events practitioners must learn know how to create a profile that is newsworthy, by generating real stories that appeal to the press. They must learn how to prepare and present those stories to a press that is increasingly busy and hungry for substance rather than spin.

This assignment seeks to engage students in creating media awareness using a variety of resources.

Students will choose a leisure-oriented forthcoming event of their choice and prepare a media campaign. They will identify where to place their press releases and where to aim their article ideas.

What is being assessed:
Ability to distinguish between pr and journalism; to be able to identify the goals of a media campaign; to distinguish between treatment options and choose the most appropriate way to present the information;  to make writing suit the media selected and to present a piece of finished, publishable work

Essential activities to be included:
• Research and analysis of subject
• Planning, research and delivery
• Research of relevant media outlets to be targeted
• Evidence of understanding of different demands of different media outlets and platforms

Submit 1 article, written up, ready for publication and 1 press release for the event.

• The article should be written for appropriate media as relevant for the event, for instance a sports magazine or website if the article is about the Olympics or other sporting events. It should be around 500 words.

• The press release should be at least 250 words in length, and promote the event in a professional manner with contact details, a headline, and at least one quote (which can be sourced from the event’s promotion material or obtained by yourself).

Part 2

Additional to Part 1 above, you are also required to submit one of the options below:

•  Option 1–an article idea, or ‘pitch/synopsis’ offering and article idea for publication. This should outline the event. the ‘angle’ of the article, the publication or website it is aimed at and any proposed interviews it would include. The aim is to engage and editor’s interest in the event. Aim for around 150 words.


• Option 2 – 1 broadcast treatment for web platforms, ie Yahoo webpage, for viral circulation and general promotion. This should be a concise explanation of what the short film will feature – its length, who will feature in it, where it will be filmed and how it will promote your chosen event. Aim for around 400 – 500 words.


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