According to Marianne Paiva (2015), “we have a tendency to McDonaldize, or rationalize traditional processes in Western culture. We like being able to bet on an outcome following a set pattern of small steps, that lead to a larger outcome. Through this rationalization process, we compartmentalize tasks, evaluate at each level, specialize skills and in the process de-skill individuals, which makes us better at our individual jobs, but less competent overall. It’s a fantastic model for building cars on an assembly line, as Henry Ford did a century ago. And when you make a billion hamburgers and oversee millions of workers, it’s a perfect business model that makes each worker replaceable at a moments notice, because the function of a worker is replaced, not the person him or herself. Ironically, in a highly specialized system, no one has a highly complex skill set. As an employer, having a perfectly McDonaldized work environment, where labor is cheap, tasks are completed more efficiently, production is more predictable, and we can prove our own worth by the number of hamburgers we sell in a given day, is the best scenario for financial success in America.”

In this paragraph she describes some of the effects of the concept of “McDonaldization,” developed by George Ritzer. The concept merely states that principles of the fast food industry has become dominate more and more in other sectors of society. For this post, I want you to discuss:

whether or not you agree with this concept and why,
provide examples of this concept in operation in society,
address whether this process is good or bad for society and why,
What are the potential benefits or downfalls of such a system.

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