Matching Theory to Population at Risk

Choose a population-at-risk for the subject of this paper. Then, you need to provide a thorough description of the target population. The following is suggested for the description (NOT REQUIRED):

  • What is the historical relationship of this population to the local community?
  • Has the population experienced conflict with the community’s majority culture?
  • Has the population experienced oppression/discrimination in the local community?
  • What approaches has the population historically taken to address oppression?
  • What kinds of resources exist to meet the particular needs of this population? (e.g. social services, entertainment, education & training, etc.)
  • At what levels and in what numbers do members of this population participate in local government? What are the barriers to participation?
  • What are the ways in which members of this population practice religion or express spirituality? Are there local barriers of any kind?
  • What is the economic and social status of most members of this population?
  • Are most members of this population isolated from community life? How is the isolation perpetuated?
    Then, write an 8-10 pages paper with the following discussions:
  • Comprehensively identify and discuss relevant individual theories to the population
  • Comprehensively identify and discuss relevant family theories to the population
  • Comprehensively identify and discuss relevant group and/or organizational theories that influence the population
  • Comprehensively identify and discuss relevant diversity theories, or discrimination theories, or oppression theories, or social justice perspectives associated with the population
  • Provide an analysis utilizing social systems theory which shows the linkages between the theories you presented in the prior 5 sections of this paper and the impact on social work practice

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