Masters in Public Health

Masters in Public Health
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I began a blue print of my personal statement here. I want it to include that my experiences as an educator led me to want to pursue a career in health promotion and public health since the students who belonged to lower socioeconomic status appeared to always be the ones with health issues. I also want to include how my parents would take me with them on health missions and am aware that healthcare is a problem everywhere and there are many things we take for granted and that i would eventual like to attend a mission trip myself to aid with the refugee crisis currently plaguing Europe. Lastly, I would like to admit there are discrepancies in my application, and that i have since learned from it be being academically dismissed and have learned that choices we make impact who we are, and my choices were poor and should not impact my ability to perform in the field of public health. here is a blueprint of what I began:
An ideal world would be one where everyone lived healthier lives, practiced preventive medicine by practicing the necessary precautions to avoid both illnesses and diseases. My days spent within the school system made me realize how many people take their illnesses for granted often ignoring symptoms that led to greater illnesses. I thought many times of faulting the parents for neglecting their childrens’ symptoms when it dawned upon me many of their parents might not be aware of the seriousness of their childrens’ symptoms. Or, worse case scenario do not have access to health care of the means to treat their child’s illnesses. The longer I remain in the school system, the more it made me realize the need for more health educators to be implemented within the school system. For example, it astonished me how so many parents and children alike would send their children to school with illnesses like pink eye or in one case, pink eye not realizing how contagious and serious the illness. While I love educating children, I felt the need to want to help people directly. I want a career that could help more people at large, a career that would continually challenge me and motivate me to improve. This is when my thoughts wandered to the area of public health; particularly, health education and/or promotion.
My first introduction to the public health field came very early on when my parents, physicians themselves would take us to accompany them to mission trips to come up with ideas and solutions on how to better the health system in the countries they would visit. As I witnessed firsthand them discuss introducing contemporary health issues, I was intrigued. These experiences exposed me first hand of the problems within the health care system, and how it differs world wide. I believe if people had a better understanding of the health care system and how important it is to take the necessary steps to avoid illness, people would take better care of themselves and develop new innovative ways to further promote global health. Speaking of global health, I hope to one day plan on using my degree to do some humanitarian work; particularly with the refugee crisis in Europe and find ways to help these mothers who have lost everything find ways to take care of both themselves and their children with the little resources that are made available to them and their current socioeconomic status. Another important fact I experienced as an educator, children whose parents belonged to lower socioeconomic status often were neglected both hygenically and medically. Something as little as poor hygience can lead to illness, a fact most people fail to realize. I hope to use my degree to further educate individuals on the importance of immuziation and seeking proper treatment. It is important to keep an entire community healthy, and that requires the interaction of all members of the community.
I believe my work in the education field as well as my knowledge in public health has provided me with a greater understanding of the importance of healthy promotion and the need and dedication of individuals to pursue that mission.

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