Marketing plan

Continuing with the marketing plan you developed for the Midterm Assessment, complete it with according with the topics discussed in class during the 2nd part of the course with following points (but not exclusively)

  1. Distribution Channels:
    o Markets with direct sales (if any)
    o Markets with distributors (if any)
    o Markets with agents (if any)
  2. Pricing Strategy:
    o Pricing strategies per channel
    o Take a product and show how should you fix the price according the channel
  3. Communication Strategy
    o Business Magazines
    o Trade Shows
    o Digital Tools
  4. Any other factor you consider key for your marketing plan
  5. Have an in-depth understanding of B2B market opportunities.
  6. Identify and differentiate between the different and unique challenges of business markets
  7. Apply and analyze the different B2Bsystems and processes
  8. Have a systematic understanding of how theoretical concepts can be applied in business markets.
  9. Critically appreciate B2B marketing strategy assessments and developments.
  10. Apply and assess the tools for B2Bmarketing strategy development and implementation

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