Marketing challenges and development solutions

As a marketer, you will face many marketing challenges and develop solutions. Marketing research helps you test if your solution works. In this project, develop a solution for a marketing problem of a brand you are familiar with – and think of a research plan for checking whether your solution works.

What is your favorite brand?
What is the marketing problem of your favorite brand? (150 words)
Suggest a solution (200 words)
How do you check whether your solution works? (150 words)

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My favorite brand is Nike. I love Nike because they are a company that is constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. They are also a company that is very passionate about their products and their customers.

One of the marketing problems that Nike is facing is that their brand is becoming increasingly commoditized. There are many other athletic brands that offer similar products and services, and it is becoming more difficult for Nike to stand out from the competition.

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One solution that Nike could implement is to focus on their brand story. Nike has a rich history of innovation and inspiration, and they could use this to their advantage by telling their story in a more compelling way. They could also focus on their brand values, such as performance, innovation, and authenticity.

To test whether this solution works, Nike could conduct a marketing research study. The study could measure how consumers perceive Nike’s brand before and after the company implements its new marketing strategy. The study could also measure how likely consumers are to purchase Nike products after being exposed to the new marketing campaign.

Here are some specific research questions that Nike could ask in their marketing research study:

  • How do consumers perceive Nike’s brand?
  • What are the key attributes that consumers associate with Nike’s brand?
  • How does Nike’s brand compare to the brands of its competitors?
  • How likely are consumers to purchase Nike products?
  • How likely are consumers to recommend Nike products to others?

The results of this marketing research study would help Nike to understand how consumers perceive their brand and how they can improve their marketing strategy.

Here are some other marketing research methods that Nike could use to test their solution:

  • Focus groups: Nike could conduct focus groups with consumers to get their feedback on their brand and their marketing strategy.
  • Online surveys: Nike could conduct online surveys to collect data from a large number of consumers.
  • A/B testing: Nike could conduct A/B testing to compare the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns.

By conducting marketing research, Nike can test their solutions and make sure that they are effective in reaching their target market.

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