Scenario: You are working as an Association Sales Manager for the Desmond Hotel in Albany, NY. (This means that your primary job is to try and get association, both state and national, to book their annual conventions and meetings at the Desmond).

Hotel Website:

Check out the hotel’s website and DIG DEEP to determine what the Desmond has that might be important to an association meeting planner (ex: # of guest rooms, amount of meeting and exhibit space, uniqueness of meeting space, onsite restaurants, onsite amenities, Green/Sustainable initiatives, proximity to airport, support services for groups and meeting planners, etc.).

TASK: As an Association Sales Manager, part of your job is to develop relationships with State and National Association Meeting Planners. From all the methods in your textbook and also in the unit resources:

A. Identify at least ONE possible New York State or National Association that you would target as a potential client for the Desmond Hotel & Conference Center.

B. Identify TWO methods in which you could potentially go about making contact with the Meeting Planner for the Association you chose in Part A.

C. Identify at least ONE method by which you would go about introducing your hotel and all it has to offer to the Meeting Planner from the association you chose in Part A.

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