Market Research and Segmentation

Market Research and Segmentation

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Background Information:

1. The Mission Viejo Medical Center (in Mission Viejo, California,) comprises two institutions that are geographically adjacent:
a. Mission Hospital Regional Medical Center; website: Mission Hospital Regional Medical Center
b. Children’s Hospital at Mission (CHM); website: Children’s Hospital at Mission (CHM)
2. The two hospitals serve (within less than a 10-mile radius) the populations of the following nine municipalities: Aliso Viejo, Ladera Ranch, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Woods, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, and San Juan Capistrano.
3. There are two retirement communities in the service area:
a. The city of Laguna Woods ( is home to Leisure World ( ), a retirement community of more than 23,000 residents age 55 and older.
b. The city of Mission Viejo is home to Casta Del Sol, a retirement community of more than 3,000 resdients age 55 and older.
4. Following the example and success of integrating a special children’s hospital, it is suggested that an additional new hospital be built, catering to the special needs of the senior population, to be named: Golden Age Hospital (GAH).

Gather relevant general information regarding hospitals for seniors and direct data pertaining to the proposed Golden Age Hospital.

From a direct market research and segmentation point-of-view of the elderly community in the Mission Viejo area, address:

a. Who are your target market subjects?
b. Where are they located?
c. What special needs do they have?
d. What special medical/health services do they want?
e. What type of physician specialization would they like?
f. Locations: Do they prefer a single medical center (MC) hospital location, or do they prefer a medical center (MC) hospital and a community clinic (CC)?
2. Survey Questionnaire:
Complete the following proposed survey table – column A, that you plan to use in order to obtain the preferences and perceptions of the elderly of your target segment, assume n=500. See attached document “GAH Project” table.

GAH Project

Survey Table

Item #    Column A
Survey  item    On a scale of 1-10, where:
10= very much needed, and
1 = not needed
1    Is a special GAH medical center needed?
2    Is a special community clinic needed in addition to the GAH?
3    Is a ………… service needed?
4    Is a ………… service needed?
Add at least 10 more items

Case 4 – Budget Table

#    A
To be filled by the student    B
To be filled by the student    C
Filled by Instructor    D
To be filled by the student    E
Filled by Instructor    F
To be filled by the student
Service / Treatment    Estimated Medicare reimbursement to GAH. (each 10 to 60 thousands of dollars)    Projected number of procedures/treatments performed annually    Total income
B*C    GAH projected performance relative to federal standards    GAH projected annual gain (or loss).
D – D*E
Example    Treatment ABC    $10,000    75    $750,000    80%    $150,000 (do not add this line to total)
1            85        75%
2            50        110%
3            200        80%
4            150        90%
5            50        120%
6            100        100%
7            60        75%
8            75        85%
9            110        95%
10    Miscellaneous expenses                     ($375, 000)
Total                        $

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