Market innovation

Market innovation

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Article:Cooper, Edgett, & Kleinschmidt (2001), “Portfolio Management for new product development: Results of an industry practice study”

Each student will be assigned one article from the reading list (see review schedule) to develop a written review, present it to the class, and lead a forum discussion on the topic. Reading briefs should be submitted to the drop box and posted to the appropriate weekly discussion forum for class discussion. Reading brief PowerPoint presentations are also submitted to the drop box and posted to the discussion board. All students should ensure that their comments are represented on the forums on a consistent basis. Reading briefs develop critical thinking skills and challenge your ability to present cogent material with maximum impact in a limited space. The topics, concepts, and models are useful in the development of your research projects. Reading briefs serve to provide opportunities for you to demonstrate your ability to acquire, assess, and critique the essential content of professional and academic product innovation literature. Each brief is worth a possible 35 points (including your class presentation). Your reading brief is aWord.doc with the following requirements: Content should be two full pages in length (Sections 1-4), single spaced, one-inch margins, body text left-justified, with a 10-pt “time’s new roman “font. Do not skip lines between paragraphs within sections (indent for new paragraphs). In addition, each reading brief should have a separate title page and reference page. Use the AMA(Journal of Marketing) style manual for references and citations. Please use the following section headings and format for the body of your review. Be mindful of the section weights. A. Title Page: Include the article’s full citation in AMA style as the title for the paper, followed byyour name, course identification, term, and date centered below the title. The title page does not count toward the two-page limit. b. Section 1-Article Overview: Develop an overview that discusses the thesis, goals, findings and conclusions of the work (section weight = 30% of space).c. Section 2-Key Learning Points: What are the key learning points (takeaways) of the article? Identify, define, and critically assess the main points of the article. You may present the key points in bulleted fashion. Conclude with a brief discussion of the overall importance of the article to advancing the product innovation discipline (25% of space).d. Section 3-Follow-on Research: What other work has been done in this area since the publication of the article? Do not use any of your assigned readings as follow-on articles. Research the topic at the PSU Library online starting with the Business Source Premier and IEEEXPlore databases. Follow-on articles should be of similar quality and page-length as the assigned articles. Compare and contrast the themes and findings of the articles and discuss what new ideas the follow-on article presents. Provide an AMA citation for each follow-on article in the review, e.g. (Jones 2012), and a full citation on the “Reference” page (30% of space).e. Section 4-Applications: What insights from the article apply to the development of the product innovation and management discipline and your research project? How can the concepts be used? Identify and briefly discuss (15% of space).


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