Managing Teams: A Time for Relevant Research

You have had a great impact so far on the organization in which you’ve worked. However, you recognize at this point you want to make sure that those who are being trained understand that this isn’t just your voice that you are sharing with them. Even though you’ve done a good job overall of annotating your sources and identifying the research that has served to underpin all of the training materials you’ve shared, you recognize at this point that it might be time for you to produce a white paper to support some of what you’ve done. Furthermore, a white paper often times can have a sustaining life in an organization and can be shared over time. Since you don’t work there, and won’t be there forever, this will be likely to have a lasting impact.
To that end you are going to be preparing a white paper on a very important topic related to your work with this organization. This topic being, the importance of (and skills associated with) managing project teams. You are to write a white paper with references to peer reviewed research articles which specifically address some of the very best thinking in relationship to the topic of managing project teams. Your work should come in the form of a formal APA paper and come in the following components.
• Component 1: Consider the following questions: What does the research say about managing project teams? What should be the priorities? What information can you gather from the research that could potentially be of interest to the organization?
• Component 2: Remember for the presentation of this white paper you don’t need to reflect on the company you are working with. Instead, you are reflecting on the concepts associated with this work. It is as if you are simply giving them research on the concepts without really delving into the company itself.
• Component 3: In conclusion, try to identify 2 or 3 seminal questions that might be worth asking at the end of this white paper that might stimulate the thinking of those who are reading it. Imagine that they are sharing this white paper throughout the organization. What questions would you ask at the end after they’ve considered the research that has been established in this important area?

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