Managing Self Development

Essay 1 of 4

  1. Describe why it is important to consider own values, career and personal goals and how these relate to your job role and professional development.
  2. Describe how to evaluate the current requirements of a work role and how the requirements may evolve in the future.
  3. Describe how to identify gaps between current knowledge and skills required for achieving objectives.
    ( write 200 Words for 1,2,3 )

Essay 2of 4
1.Explain how to set objectives which are SMART
2..Explain how to identify your own development needs
(Write 150 Words 1,2 )

Essay 3 of 4
1.Describe how to develop an effective development plan
2.Identify the different types of learning styles and how these contribute to own performance
3.Describe a range of development activities and how these contribute to performance
( Write 200 words 1,2,3 )
Essay 4 of 4
1.Identify how to monitor the quality of own work and progression against plans
2.Identify how to evaluate your performance against the requirements of your work role
3.Explain how to use feedback on your own performance
(Write 200 Words 1,2,3 )

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