managing equality and diversity at work

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the assignment is two parts,
part 1: tweets, you have to choose 3 topic from the questions and write a tweet for each topic, every tweet should not be more than 140 character.

part 2:
you have to answer one question long answer,
Whichever question(s) you choose to do for your assignments you need to make sure that you make reference to the theoretical aspects of the subject and link your answer to the debates surrounding equality and diversity. You answers should also be referenced correctly utilising Harvard. In addition, you should ensure that the sources you use in your essays are mainly based on academic journal articles or other reputable sources such as government reports. Each session provides a list of sources to help you but you should research additional material.

the Questions are:
Assignment Question 7: Analyse the role that Trade Unions play in reducing
discrimination in the workplace?
Assignment Question 8: Flexible working has traditionally been taken up by staff with family commitments. Evaluate the extent to which flexible working promote and reduce discrimination for all staff in the workplace?
Assignment Question 9: Evaluate the extent to which is might be considered reasonable to discriminate on the grounds of appearance when recruiting, and promoting employees?
Assignment Question 10: ‘Certain groups of people enter employment and organisations already disadvantaged by wider social inequalities’ (Kirton and Greene page 2010:5) Discuss in relation to reducing inequalities at work?
Assignment Question 11: If an employer introduces a dignity at work policy, how do they ensure that negative behaviours are addressed?
Assignment Question 12: Evaluate the main debates around global diversity management?

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