Management Theory & Business Law

Delta State University has assigned the management of the trademarked mascots of the University (the Fighting Okra, the Statesman, and the Lady Statesman) to the College of Business. You have been retained by the College of Business as a consultant to make recommendations and/or proposals for the mascots of the University. Your recommendations and/or proposals should be developed as if they will be presented to the Dean and the Chairs of the Divisions in the College, and you should remain mindful that this will be a small business. After studying the chapters corresponding to each Assignment, complete that Assignment and submit it through Canvas no later than 11:59 pm on the stated due date. Your submission for this Assignment should be about three pages. Your submission should be developed and written at the graduate school level with any sources properly documented. After submitting an assignment, you will receive a grade and a critique from your two professors: Dr. Melody Fortune for the management issues and Dr. Clint Wood for the legal issues. Your response to the critiques should be incorporated in the Final Assignment. (Parts A-E of this project is worth 50 points each and the Final Project is worth 200 points.)

Specific Instructions for Part E:

Textbook chapters covered: (pages 163-259)
Chapter 16 Managing Diversity & Inclusion
Chapter 17 Leadership
Chapter 18 Motivating People
Chapter 19 Teamwork

1.Since you began this consulting assignment for the College of Business, several of the mascot products have been very successful financially. Wishing to build on this success, you recommend that a team be created to identify a new product or product line. Based on your proposed Organizational Chart and in light of your suggested Five Year Plan, who would you assign to this team? Substantiate your selections.

2.What norms would you hope to find with the members of this team? Why these in particular?

  1. A significant portion of the mascots’ product lines is actually produced in a Pacific Rim country. In all likelihood, any new product, or product line, will also be manufactured overseas. However, one member of the team (the College of Business adopted your recommendation and comprised the team as you put forth) has openly spoken derisively about overseas production. Another team member is of oriental descent. What can you do to build a cohesive team?

4.A Team Leader is selected and granted far-reaching authority. As the consultant, you are asked to explain to this individual the sources of power and how each might be used to accomplish the team’s goals.

5.Explain how fairness can be achieved in the work expected of each member of the team. Also, the College of Business has granted you wide latitude in determining the compensation of each member of the team. How would you recommend that each team member’s pay grade be determined?

6.Are there any legal issues you must consider when presenting the above plan? Explain.

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