Case management is a significant auxiliary service for those with addictions. It can often increase the likelihood of the client being successful in recovery from his or her addiction. The case management assignment is an opportunity for you to think through a clinical case, identify strengths and areas of improvement, consider the key issues that need to be addressed and prioritize these, determine specific case management needs and strategies for addressing these, identify what staff and additional agencies will be needed, and explain how these will be evaluated to determine if the current case management plan strategies are working.
Review the information provided at the bottom of the Assignment Instructions Case Management Plan Client. This is the client that you will be building the Case Management Plan Assignment for. Follow the format in the Case Management Plan Template that is provided in the assignment folder when completing your assignment. This notes how the information should be listed under content of the assignment. Also, include a brief introduction and a conclusion to this assignment. The content of the assignment should be at least 4-5 pages. The assignment does need to include a title page, abstract, page numbers, and a reference page (title page, abstract, and reference page do not count in page length).
There are 5 major areas that need to be covered in this assignment-
(1) Strengths and Areas of Improvement:
Discuss and describe the client’s strengths. What makes these strengths? Discuss and describe the areas of improvement for this client. What makes these areas of improvement?
(2) Information Gathering:
What are the key issues that are presented in the Case Management Plan Client that are essential for developing the Case Management Plan?
How did you prioritize these (from most significant to least significant)? Include a rationale for why you prioritized these issues in this manner.
(3) Specific Case Management Needs:
What specific areas will be targeted for this client based on the information in the Case Management Plan Client overview? Examine this from bio, psycho, social, and spiritual aspects- address each of these in your case management plan.
Some areas to get you started would be employment, treatment, the criminal justice aspect- these are just a few. There are many others that can be addressed (and don’t forget the spiritual aspect!). What specific strategies will be used to address each of these areas?
(4) Staff and Agencies:
What staff members need to be involved in this client’s case management plan? (provide a rationale for including each of these). What other agencies outside of the case management program need to be involved in this client’s case management plan? (provide a rationale for including each of these). Ensure that you provide staff and/or an agency for each of the aspects included in Specific Case Management Needs. Recommendations should reflect client motivation and a collaborative approach.
(5) Evaluation:
How will you evaluate to determine if the current case management plan strategies are working? If the strategies do not appear to be working what will be your next steps?
The assignment also needs to include at least 3 scholarly sources in addition to referencing the course textbooks and the Bible. Include some of the community resources that you researched for the Community Resources and Emergency Contacts

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