Management Concepts

Management Concepts (MANGT 420)


This project is intended to encourage you to apply the concepts presented in this class to some current management issues.  Together with your teammates, you are to write a paper explaining and discussing the happenings outlined in the article indicated below.  In addition, prepare an individual paper on the group dynamics and technology issues encountered during your work on the project.
The individual assignment is to write a 2-3 page paper describing the group dynamics and technological tools used and the difficulties and advantages encountered through the use of these tools in the preparation of the group paper.  There are many concepts in the book regarding group dynamics.  In particular, this topic is covered in some depth in Chapter 19.  Use and cite at least two sources in your individual paper other than the textbook.

The following list addresses specific elements of the assignment:
1.    Gather information from the article, the internet, and/or other appropriate sources regarding the topic at hand.  Develop a realistic understanding of the opportunities and difficulties and the causes of the trends and events discussed in the article.
2.    Collect information from the library, internet, and other sources sufficient to allow you to analyze and understand the issues and make meaningful comments.
1.    Remember that this is a management class.  The object is to apply management techniques to these real issues.  Justify your assumptions, but do not get bogged down in marketing, finance, or accounting.
2.    Limit your report (50 points possible) to 5-6 pages, plus exhibits, appendices, and citations, and your individual report on group dynamics and technology to 2-3 pages plus citations (30 points possible).  Remember to use and cite at least two sources in your individual paper other than the textbook.
3.    Use the concepts taught in this class.
4.    Your group grade will be based upon both your application of management principles and techniques and the clarity and organization of your report.

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