low back pain

There are millions of people suffering from low back pain and seeking medical treatment. Due to back pains, there is increased number of appointments with acupuncturists. However there is no clear evidence as to whether acupuncture really helps patients with back pain. There is a study proposal to analyze the different medical literature studies on acupuncture for low back pain.
The study examines provides a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials of acupuncture in treating back pain. It also provides evidence on the analgesic effects of acupuncture as well as placebo acupuncture.
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Study design
There is Systematic review and analysis of randomized clinical trials.
Medline, Embase, PsychInfo and Cochrane Library are the databases that eligible trials were searched for data extraction and analysis. There is use of standardized mean difference in every trial in the estimation of acupuncture effects and placebo acupuncture. There was ranking of placebo acupuncture and pooling of the random effects. Through systematic literature, randomized controlled trials are retrieved for the types of acupuncture. Experienced acupuncturists are consulted for adequacy of acupuncture treatment. Back Pain outcomes are measured by the numbers of patients with symptoms improvement at the end of the randomized clinical treatment.
?Work schedule
The study began with scouring of data sources. The next activity was data extraction from the numerous reviews and original articles to meet the research criteria. Data synthesis was then conducted in order to meet the study design and for appropriate evaluation.
The main potential limitation of the study is that it only investigates pain outcome. Patients chose the outcome of pain as it is the most significant component for successful control of low back pain. It is also the main motivator in seeking for acupuncture treatment. Some pain reduction outcomes were also greater than others. Pain would not be the only appropriate result in judging the efficacy of acupuncture treatment as there are other outcomes that include function as well as quality of life.
The study reports on how acupuncture is the best practice among other options for the treatment of low back pain. It offers scientific evidence for its effectiveness. The report includes the short term and long term effects of acupuncture. Due to the scarcity and inconclusiveness of reviewed data, the report allows for further studies in the future. The study results are published in medical articles.
From the systematic review on medical literature about acupuncture in the treatment of low
back pain, there was the development of explicit criteria for the independent evaluation of the studies. Analysis is only on randomized controlled trials, which is the standardized study design for the evaluation of medical procedures and utilizes a meta-regression model.


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