Lomroso’s theory of the criminal man/ Hirshi’s social bond theory

Lomroso’s theory of the criminal man/ Hirshi’s social bond theory

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About your Term Paper

For your Term Paper, you are to pick two specific theories and use these theories to explain a real-world criminal event or activity.

You are to find some criminal event from an online search and you must provide your professor with the website and specific address for the online article that

discusses this event or activity. The website for your chosen event or activity must be submitted to the instructor by the beginning of week four so that it can be

verified by the professor by the close of that week. This event can be discussed in any online news or academic source (for example, an online news story, discussion

in an online professional journal, an academic journal that is online, and so forth).

Upon selecting your topic event or activity, you will then identify and select two theories (for example, Social Learning Theory by Ronald Akers) to explain 3 specific


Explain the issues using each theory as follows:

1.Why the specific criminal event or activity that you chose occurred;
2.How each theory can be used to predict and prevent the likelihood of a similar crime occurring in the future, both nationally and globally; and
3.Suggestions that each theory would probably give on how to process this offender (or group of offenders) through the criminal justice system (i.e., death penalty,

life sentence, community supervision, treatment orientation or punitive orientation, and so on).
Your Term Paper should have a Cover Page and an Abstract at the beginning, and a References Page at the end. You should have at least 20 references beyond the course

text. The Cover Page, Abstract, and Reference Page should all be in APA format. Also, all internal citation of outside sources plus the listing of all references

should also adhere to APA format. All text pages should be double-spaced and in 12 point font.

Further, your Term Paper should consist of an Introduction, a Main Body, and a Conclusion. The Introduction Section should be 3–5 pages. The Main Body should consist

of three specific sections. The first section should be entitled “Etiology,” the second section should be entitled “Prediction and Prevention,” and the third section

should be entitled “Recommended Criminal Justice Responses.” Each of these sections should be from 3–5 pages in length. This should then be followed by the Conclusion

section of roughly 2–3 pages that clearly refines the connection between your chosen theories and your chosen criminal event or criminal activity.

Thus, your Term Paper should be anywhere from 14–23 pages in length (plus a Title Page, an Abstract Page, and a Reference Page). Page length is not the basis of a

favorable grade, though if submissions are less than the minimum, the instructor may penalize you at his or her discretion

Outline for term paper
•    Father kills his five year old daughter by throwing her off the bridge and she ultimately falls to her death
•    http://www.myfoxtampabay.com/story/27788713/update-child-found-after-being-thrown-off-approach-to-the-skyway
•    Lomroso’s theory of the criminal man
•    Hirshi’s social bond theory.
•    On January 8, 2015 in St. Petersburg, Florida 25 year old John Jonchuck killed his five year old daughter by throwing her over the bridge.  After further

investigation reports show that earlier that day John Jonchuck visited with his attorney whom was representing him in the child custody case. While meeting with his

attorney she noticed that he seemed belligerent and out of his mind.  During their conversation she assured Mr. Johnchuck that she would file the necessary paper work

in his case tomorrow and Mr. Johnchuck replied “It’s okay because after today it won’t matter anymore”.  His attorney was alarmed by his behavior and notified law

enforcement and DCF that she feared for the child’s life. Reports indicate that law enforcement made contact with Mr. Jon chuck but felt no need to Baker act him

because he did not make any direct threats. DCF unfortunately did not make contact before the deadly incident accrued. John Jonchuck has a history of schizophrenia and

a long rap sheet of domestic violence.

MyfoxTampabay.(2015) Child found dead after thrown off bridge; father arrested. Retrieved from http://www.myfoxtampabay.com/story/27788713/update-child-found-after-


Huffington Post (2015) Joe: Attorney John Jonchuck ‘Out of His Mind’ In Days Prior To Allegedly Throwing Daughter From Bridge’ Retrieved from



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