liver function.

liver function.

Unit 11 Assignment – Short Essay

A portal system is a special circulatory pathway which a portal vein connects two different capillary systems.  The hepatic portal veinconnects the capillaries of the liver to the capillaries of abdominopelvic viscera (GI tract and reproductive organs).  The hepatic portal venous system delivers nutrient-rich blood from the abdominal pelvic cavity to the liver for processing and modification.

The common clinical outcomes of portal hypertension are summarized in the figure below:

In a brief essay, select a single symptom or clinical sign of portal hypertension in the diagram above and describe the pathophysiology the symptom or sign.

Identify and briefly describe the clinical significance of the three structures that comprise the portal triad.

Draw, trace (or electronically diagram),and describeYOUR OWN image of theroute of bile flowand pancreatic juice flowstarting at theproduction in the bile canaliculiof the liver and acini of the pancreasinto the duodenum.Identify the major ducts listed below:

Major ducts
R and L hepatic duct
Common hepatic duct
Cystic duct
Common bile duct
Pancreatic duct
Ampulla of Vater
(hepatopancreatic duct)

Hepatic failure is the loss of liver function.
•    Please identify ONE clinical symptom, sign, or test that is supportive of a diagnosis of hepatic failure.
•    Briefly describe the pathophysiology of the abnormal symptom, sign, or test.

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